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Why can't I see images?
Try pressing the red button at the bottom of the screen. It only appears on questions that have an image.

It looks like this: 

Who writes the questions?
All questions are written by either the QRunner staff, or crowd-sourced from the userbase. You’ll notice that the software has an “add question” feature which allows you to add your original questions to our database. In this way it’s similar to Wikipedia or any other crowd-sourced information.

So what about quality assurance?
In order to maintain quality, our professional question screeners review every single user-submitted question. If a question is perfect we add it as is. If it needs some work, we edit it. If we believe it to be poor quality or redundant, the question doesn't make the cut.

What about Step 2 and Shelf content?
We have no content for these exams…yet. The software platform has the infrastructure to accept and test these exams. Our plan is to generate enough interest in our project via the Step 1 questions as to motivate medical students to write for other exams.

Why would I write questions for QRunner?
There is an automatic quid pro quo for writing questions. If you write a question that gets accepted, you get an account upgrade which applies for all exams. An account upgrade adds features like “custom bank,” “classroom mode,” “timed test,” and others. Writing a question for the Internal Medicine Shelf may give you extra functionality when studying for the Neurology Shelf. Plus, it’s a good feeling to help your colleagues and classmates succeed.

I want to submit a question with images, where can I find medical images in the public domain?
The Public Health Image Library (via the CDC) and Wikimedia commons are wonderful resources. 

How up to date is our content?
All of our questions have been fact checked within the past 6 months (most more recently than that). Over time we will re-check our questions as medical sciences progresses. Users may also comment on questions. All comments are reviewed, so if a user points out an issue that slipped past the fact checkers we can correct it.

Is QRunner available for Mac, IOS, or Android?
Not yet, unfortunately. We’re piloting QRunner using windows. If QRunner becomes popular enough we will develop platforms for other operating systems.