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ToxRunner is a free question bank for Medical Toxicologists. Questions are crowd sourced from users, then reviewed before release. Please use ToxRunner and please add your own questions!

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Welcome to ToxRunner v1.02!

This software was produced by Adam Blumenberg, MD, MA. If you have any issues or questions please contact me by email at

Release notes v1.02 (July 18, 2018)

  1. If you develop the following error message please install MySQL connector version which is included.

    You may also find the software here: Please be sure to install the proper version, 

    MySQL is the software that allows ToxRunner to connect to the question database.
  2. If you develop scaling issues (for example an area of the program is cutoff), please perform the following steps:
    Right click -->Properties -->Compatibility-->Change high DPI settings-->Check that scaling is performed by the application.

  3. There is no data encryption in this version of ToxRunner. Please DO NOT use a password that you use for anything else as it is not secure.
  4. The software does NOT collect information about you or your computer except for what is entered directly into the software such as your name, email address, answer choices, exam scores, etc. The software remains happily ignorant of all other activities on your computer.
  5. There is NO malicious software. I wrote the software personally and vouch for it.