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Use the passphrase "gyromitra" to access the app

ToxRunner for Android available on Google Play
ToxRunner for iOS available on the Apple App Store


I developed ToxRunner as a software platform that gives practice exam questions in the field of Medical Toxicology. Medical education is expensive, particularly to learners who are in training, practicing in developing countries, and students. Reducing cost-barriers in education will hopefully improve access and lead to better physician performance and ultimately patient outcomes. ToxRunner is intended to be a free or low-cost option for high quality medical education. As of July 12, 2020 the cost to maintain servers is relatively low and I will attempt to keep ToxRunner free of charge.

ToxRunner has features similar to other digital question banks such as a database of medical questions and ability to track performance over time. I have added several hundred questions to the database, however I hope that users will submit their own questions for review via the add question feature. All submitted questions are reviewed prior to becoming available to all users.

ToxRunner is the fourth iteration of a project that has been in development since 2013. The first program was an entirely command promt (cmd.exe) based parser of practice questions for the NBME Shelf exams. The second and third iterations had a significantly improved interface, but were Microsoft Windows only programs. They delivered practice questions for Step 1 and medical toxicology respectively. The current version is available on mobile OS and intended to provide easy access to quality medical education.

The field of Medical Toxicology in particular attempts to prevent poisoning, manage toxicity, reduce iatrogenic harm, and integrate basic science with clinical practice. In the spirit of the humanistic practice of medicine, I hope ToxRunner serves you well.

Adam Blumenberg, MD MA
Specialist in Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology


July 14, 2020
- ToxRunner 2.00 is being tested on Android OS and Apple iOS. There are over 300 practice questions in the database.  Projected release on iTunes store and Google store is for late 2020. 

- If you would like to test the .apk for Android please contact