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QRunner is a FREE question bank for medical students.

How it works: QRunner is a free software platform that allows medical students to submit original questions to a central database. After a verification step to ensure quality, the question is added to the database and is available to all.

What’s the catch? Well there is no catch, really. The only requirement is that you must rate each question after taking it. There is a PREMIUM service as well which is how we support the business. You also get one month of Premium free automatically!



Many FREE practice questions: our database is growing all the time!

Contribute your knowledge & experience to your colleagues by writing questions!

Complete explanations of correct and incorrect answer choices!

Full graphics support: questions and explanations support images!

Track your scores: follow your improvement and review previous exams!

- Improve your time management: follow time spent per question from exam to exam!

- Compare yourself to other users! See what percent of users selected each answer choice and track your percentile!

Realistic interface: practice tests in the same computerized format as the Step and Shelf exams! Strike-out, highlight, write notes, calculator, lab values, mark, etc.!

- Customize practice tests: design your own tests by Organ System, Category, or Keyword in Timed or Untimed format!

Create and rate questions: write your own fantastic questions and rate other users’ questions!

- Prepare for multiple exams! Includes support for Step 1, Step 2, Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Neurology, OBGYN, Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine Shelf exams!